1-on-1 Appointment – Live Training




The 1-on-1 appointment product books a 1 hour block of time with the instructor of choice. Use this time to get insight into the exam as you go through the course or right before you’re going to take the exam, learn concepts in more detail, and get explanations that you need more detail on. Do a real-time audio/video call, screen share, or whiteboard session with your instructor to further illustrate the desired points and get the understanding you need to be successful.

With our 1-on-1 appointment coupon, you can purchase now and use anytime later on, it doesn’t expire. Once purchased you can go to your coupons and view the coupon anytime. Go to any instructor’s profile page from the kwt.us/members page. Once there, select the calendar tab. You’ll be able to easily schedule an appointment with your favorite instructor anytime they have for their availability!

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