CISCO CCNA Collaboration

CCNA Collaboration certification

CISCO CCNA Collaboration

Just because the 210-060 & 210-065 exams have been replaced doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our certification courses! Check them out today at a significantly reduced price!

The CCNA Collaboration course contains two exams testing your knowledge on Cisco’s voice and video components of the Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure. Obtaining the certification will substantiate your knowledge and understanding of voice and video applications for real-world scenarios as a Collaboration Engineer.

With both voice and video constantly becoming an integrated part of every business structure in the world, the demand and need for collaboration engineers will continue to grow. Businesses will continue to move off of the legacy PSTN infrastructure, and moving their entire business operations to an IP based infrastructure for voice/video/data to stay competitive, and drive internal costs down.

Without the requirement of having a CCNA Route & Switch certification as a pre-requisite (although highly encouraged to have), you can move right into becoming a specialized engineer in both voice and video applications and move your professional career in the right direction to obtain job satisfaction without years of preparation.

Our video-on-demand certification series will prepare you for both the CICD & CIVND exams, and beyond, with instruction on how to configure, and troubleshoot UC Applications and endpoints. We also provide bonus videos as part of your certification track that is always being added to not only prepare you for the exams but real-world scenarios as a Collaboration Engineer, so you are better prepared to work in high-pressure situations.

Already have your CCNA – Voice certification? As long as your certification is still active, you only need to take the CIVND 210-065 exam to become CCNA Collaboration certified.

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Nathan Salazar