Mark Martin


Mark R. Martin is the Vice President, Program Manager, and Instructor of KWT who helps IT professionals and expanding Businesses identify and reach IT Certification and Training solutions through an online environment. Before endeavoring in IT businesses.  

Mark spent 15 years with the Department of Army Communication Electronic Command (CECOM) as a Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert. While there, Mark has side-by-side supported our service members by traveling to an excess of 230 military training exercises, global conflicts, contingency mission, and disaster relief operations throughout world. Coinciding his service in a successful career of engineering, integrating, and training service members in telecommunication, Mark achieved a Master’s Degree in IT-Program Management and Bachelor’s Degree in IT Networking. 

He currently holds 9 elite certifications, 2 of which are Gold Standard certifications; PMP and CISSP. At 19 years old, Mark enlisted for 4 years in the U.S Army as a Satellite Systems Operator and Maintainer serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. Coinciding his enlisted career, he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Mark’s experiences in dealing with business situations, risks, and opportunities are trends that couple and nourish his commitment to provide unparalleled support and customer service.