Hack Preventing Tactics

certified ethical hacking

Hack Preventing Tactics

In the dawn of international conflicts, terrorist organizations funding cybercriminals to breach security systems. Either to compromise national security features or to extort huge amounts by injecting malware and denying access. Resulting in the steady rise of cybercrime. Organizations face the challenge of updating hack-preventing tactics, installing several technologies to protect the system before falling victim to the hacker. The only problem, there was no ethical hacker for the good guys. This is where the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification comes into play.


While the term “Hacker” got its roots many decades ago. Stemming from the exploitations of hardware, evolving into captain crunch whistles and long-distance calls. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that computer hackers would be recognized as a profession. When EC-Council started the Certified Ethical Hacker, it seemed as though everyone ignored the first two words. “Certified Ethical” and focused on the third word; “Hacker”. The label “Hacker” carried with it a stigma, in the minds of business professionals. “Hacker” denoted a bad character. Someone out to damage things, break into a system and steal sensitive information. Or someone trolling the dark web doing sinister things.

Many organizations steered clear of endorsing any form of Hacking or testing on their networks out of fear. Ethical Hacking was seen as an oxymoron. How could a hacker be ethical people would ask, to be honest, occasionally, we still get that question. With cyber security threats become a very real and extremely common problem for businesses of late. This certification is one that is becoming increasingly valued.

Why CEH?

Why should the “good guys” learn to think and act like the attackers they’re trying to stop? It’s simple: Companies need to get proactive. They want to use hack preventing tactics, therefore consider a typical attack scenario. Hackers leverage fileless malware to infect one enterprise device. Then it moves laterally across the network to compromise multiple endpoints.

The final step? Encrypted files and ransomware demands, forcing businesses to choose between spending big to save their data or standing firm and risking damage to their reputation. And where are security experts in this scenario? They’re responding to threats as they occur, trying to mitigate damage while they search for indicators of another attack.

What exactly does it entail?

The CEH certification provides you with all of the tricks of the hacker trade but teaches you to use your new found power for good.

Aimed at a wide range of IT professionals, mainly people working in network and data security through hack preventing tactics. You can expect to gain a whole host of important cyber security knowledge and increase your skill set. It’s also internationally recognized, meaning this course seriously sets the standard for ethical hacking cyber security certification.

Ethical Hacker

Unsurprisingly, this tops the list. Implementing best practice in support of company’s cyber security, you’ll carry out various activities on applications and systems. You will likely help to test new software and infrastructure ensuring a responsive and adaptable environment.

A quick search on LinkedIn (April 2019) shows 4,276 current jobs in the United States alone that require C|EH as a decisive selection criterion. Some job roles that require C|EH on LinkedIn include: Senior Penetration Tester, Security Consultant, and SOC Tier 2 Analyst. Some additional are: Cybersecurity Response Manager, Auditor, Network Security Operations, Vulnerability Tester, and of course Ethical Hacker.

CEH gives IT professionals the tools they need to change the game by giving them hack preventing tactics. Instead of reacting to attacks that have already occurred. CEH training teaches technology experts to think like hackers. This allows them to analyze existing security controls and procedures the way attackers approach prospective targets. By looking for undetected weaknesses and exploitable strengths.

Certified ethical hacking offers three key benefits:

  • Proactive Posture — Understanding how an ethical hacker thinks and knowing which tools they prefer to use. This helps InfoSec pros create security policies which defend against both current and emerging threats.
  • Better Testing — Why wait for hackers to breach the network? IT pros get the skills they need to conduct thorough penetration testing on enterprise networks. It helps them discover potential weaknesses before hackers do the same.
  • Improved Training — The best defense against cyber-attacks? Preparation. Thanks to hands-on labs and challenges during the CEH course, technology experts gain the knowledge they need. This allows them to create a realistic, adaptable attack scenario, then test existing security policies and employee preparedness.

Why is it important?

While talent and ability aren’t established only by certifications. They do help when proving your knowledge and skill to others. Unlike other certifications, the CEH gives you the knowledge that will last outside of the exam. It does this by teaching you a methodology that will carry into your real-world jobs. Tools that you will use in real world engagements are also taught. Few certs have that to offer and the few that do are further down the road from the CEH.

What is the importance of CEH certification?

The significance of CEH certification has been produced quickly. Ethical hackers are in high demand from the hack preventing tactics they know. The CEH exam has raised up as the certification to pass on the claimed strange side of IT field.


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