MS Excel 2019/365: Intro to Excel Features

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Why Our Excel Course?

Why take our Intro to Excel Course? Chances are, you are here because you need to get better as using Excel, or you are looking to start using Excel. Either for you need to learn for your current role, you are looking to get into a new position, or you are looking to advance your career, all of which require you to have a solid understanding of how to use the different Excel Features. We’re here to help you, not only in showing you how to use Excel, but also here through our study group, as well as dedicated time with the instruction!

What will you learn?

This excel for beginners course is more than just finding your way around Excel, although we do review basic navigation and control.

We provide practical examples of how you can make the most of Excel in your day to day work, regardless of your role, including:

  • Basic Formula usage
  • Cell Reference types
  • Editing options
  • View customization
  • Cell formatting
  • Basic Pivot Table usage
  • And more

This Intro to Excel course focuses on the most recent version of Excel 2019, but most of the topics are applicable and relatable to other versions of Excel (including 2013, 2016, and 365).

Not every feature or recommendation will be useful to everyone, but each person should be able to come away from this course with at least one new process that they can use within Excel to make their data analysis tasks more effective.

Who teaches you?

Barbara Coleman will teach you everything she has learned about using Excel effectively in this Excel course after 25 years in the IT Industry. Barb has worked in a variety of roles and within many different industries.  Barb has plenty of real-world examples and recommendations on how to get the most out of Excel. Check out her full bio here

Excel Hardware Requirements

Check out Excel’s minimum requirements here

Do you have a good understanding of Excel, but you just need to learn something specific? Check out our situation-specific tutorial videos here!

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Difficulty: Beginner